SEP's design concept is "Raw Meets Chic."
Based on the brand concept and DNA,
unpolished raw materials were selected.
SEP Chic is expressed by applying a subtle finish
to minimal raw materials along with feminine elements.


SEP's brand colors are minimal monotone.
It's colors harmonize well with the colors of raw materials so that you can appreciate natural beauty.


SEP- Chic is expressed by adding a soft touch to dark gray, which is a mixture of black and white.
Using gray as a background helps other colors to stand out. Gray assists all other colors and tones.
It embodies SEP's mindset, which aims to help your makeup look more attractive.


SEP White represents SEP's sustainability, without any other color added.


SEP lipstick case was designed with inspiration from
cubic architecture and its metallic cap is unique in its texture.
SEP-CHIC is minimally presented in harmony
with its metallic raw material and SEP brand colors gray and white.

LIPSTICK X line is in pursuit of conscious beauty
as it is eco-friendly as well as ingredient-conscious.
We take the initiative in caring for the environment
by using biodegradable plastic with green product certification (GT-16-00042)
without magnet for our containers to be 100% recyclable,
and also printing with soy ink.


We truly believe that “beauty comes from confidence,”
and our philosophy is embedded even in the space in which we exhibit our products.
In spaces exhibiting our products, we have embedded
SEP philosophy that “beauty comes from confidence.”

We have designed our exhibition space with monochromatic colors
with emphasis on the texture of raw materials such as metal and wood,
which well represents our focus on sustainability and
we have also included a test bar for our customers to try our products freely.