Being Chic and Sustainable
to reduce questionable ingredients to add healthier color makeup.

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#SEP's Uncompromising Attitude Toward Beauty A Secret That Need Not Be Told

We already know the fact
that we apply the most harmful cosmetics
to our most sensitive skin, eye, and lips.

Is this an "unavoidable risk"
for the sake of beauty?

We thought
we must face up to problematic ingredients.

Questionable Ingredients

Questionable Pigments

  • Red No. 2Prohibited
    in the U.S

  • Red No. 102Prohibited
    in the U.S

  • Green No. 3Prohibited
    by the EU

See toxicity information
of the Ministry
of Food and Drug Safety

Questionable IngredientsFree of seven harmful ingredients and
Free of three harmful pigments

SUPER X COMPLEXTM Omega-3, Omega-6, Vitamin B5,
Vitamin E, Propolis, Collagen

Contains 7 LIP SUSTAIN OIL™An oil blend of argan, rose hip, jojoba, apricot, eucalyptus, castor seed, and coconut oils.

We seek new and healthier alternative ingredients
and introduce an innovation to the existing formula.

SEP's New Way

Choose only one between health and beauty.
SEP pursues a new way to realize beauty without sacrificing precious value.

We do what can be done now.

Our mission is to make products with better ingredients in a more careful manner.

Contains 100% plant extracts

IDEALISTICK’s Beet Purple color is a 100% vegetable product composed of natural beet origin, giving it its natural.