This incredibly beautiful pink color
brightens your skin tone.

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Start with your base makeup, laying the ground for a perfect look!


Is it for a wonderful start or for an awesome finish?
Do you want to begin or end your radiant day with a radiant skin? Come and experience it for yourself! This can be used a whole day. Unbelievable!

This All-in-One Starter has five multiple functions:
Sunblock + Primer + Tone-up Cream

  • Healthy Super Z Complex,
    along with 31% Ölfus glacial water,
    keeps your skin healthier and more moisturized.

  • Combining cushion and foundation,
    its diverse functions create synergistic
    effects on the skin.

starter Z COLOR

AWESOME PINK SPF 50+ PA+++ This incredibly beautiful pink color lightens your complexion and naturally matches any skin tone.

How to Apply

After skin care, it can be used as a sunblock before applying foundation. Apply gently and evenly on your skin, from the inside out.


  • STEP1 1 STEP STARTER Z Can be used as a sunscreen after skin care and before foundation. Evenly apply from inside to outside of your face.
  • STEP2 2 STEP EYE STARTER Z Apply evenly from outside to inside of
    your eye area after skin care,
    before make up.
  • STEP3 3 STEP CONCEALER Z Apply it evenly to areas with any
    imperfections after skin care,
    before make up.
  • STEP4 4 STEP PACT Z Using a puff, tap and evenly apply a
    moderate amount of foundation
    from inside to outside.


Superfood complex that revives your skin
by bringing back its lost moisture and nutrients.

Oat kernel extract, quinoa seed extract,
tomato extract, macadamia nut seed oil,
black cumin oil, and açaí palm extract.

Free of 13 ingredients of concern.

Talc, isopropylparaben, ethylparaben, isobutylparaben, butylparaben,
methylparaben, propylparaben, triethanolamine, benzophenone-3,
benzophenone-4, benzophenone-8, artificial perfume,
petrolatum (not added in the final process)

Dermatology Tested

Hypoallergenic starter, completely safe for your skin.
Clinically tested by Dermapro from March 21 to 24,
2017 by applying the product on the backs of 32 participants for 24 hr.
Temporary/individual differences exist among participants.

Works Well With STARTER Z